It is time Serzh Sargsyan made the most important step in his life, says lawmaker (video)

It is nonsense; a deputy chairman of the Republican Party of Armenia (HHK) said when commenting on Azerbaijani President Ilham Ilyev’s statement that Armenia should side with the Eurasian Economic Union (EaU) without Nagorno-Karabakh.

“Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh are one united country,” said Armen Ashotyan.

The Republican official is convinced that Armenian will do everything for its accession to the EaU and will finally join the economic union in 2015.

Earlier, Ilham Aliyev wrote a letter to presidents of three countries, which was read out by Kazakhstan’s president at the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council’s meeting on Thursday. In the letter, Aliyev ruled out the possibility of Karabakh’s membership in the common economic area.

“And who is Aliyev to write such a letter to the heads of other countries?” said HHK lawmaker Manvel Badeyan. “No matter how many letters Aliyev writes and [Kazakhstan’s President] Norsultan Nazarbaev reads… Similarly, the Ukraine’s president can write a letter to Nazarbaev on the issue of Crimea but Russia will remain indifferent to it.”

The Minister of Diaspora, Hranush Hakobyan, says Serzh Sargsyan was aware of Aliyev’s letter: the minister knows Armenia’s enemies very well. She also knows that Karabakh is not Diaspora for Armenians, it is our homeland.

Head of the Heritage faction Ruben Hakobyan advises looking for those guilty for the letter in Armenia. “It [the letter] emerged in the result of our foreign policy.”

While the lawmaker cannot say whether Armenian will reconsider its membership with the EaU or not [because of the letter], he is convinced that Kazakhstan will not leave the letter unanswered. “At least, they will demand that Karabakh should not join any structure Armenia is a member of.”

Mr Hakobyan says if international forces neglect Artsakh, Armenia should decide on its future steps.

Commenting on the infamous letter, Aram Manukyan, Secretary of the Armenian National Congress (HAK), said, “Serzh Sargsyan has appeared in an awkward situation. He was ashamed like a pupil who had not learned his lessons. Therefore, Serzh Sargsyan had better take the most important step in his life and resign.”

Naira Zohrabyan, Secretary of the Prosperous Armenia Party (BHK), invites Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian to the National Assembly ‘to tell the lawmakers the story of the letter.’ “Why should the president of the host country – Nazarbaev – read out Aliyev’s letter? Not only did he cite Aliyev’s words, but he also urged the participants of the Astana-hosted summit not to annoy the president of Azerbaijan. Who should respect the interests of our country if Nazarbaev announces that the Union reflects the interests of its three founding countries? I wonder where we are going and why…”