Wall of LIfe: Children in border Aygepar village remain under fire (video)

The bullet that appeared on a kindergarten playground in the frontier Aygepar village in Tavush region could have become the cause of another tragedy.

Parents thank God for saving and guarding their children who do not even realize the seriousness and danger of Azerbaijani shooting and falling bullets.  Representatives of the Fund for Armenian Relief find it necessary to build a defensive wall adjacent to the kindergarten that will ensure the safety of children. The wall is expected to be 3 meters in height and 70 m in length.

The start of the project has been announced and the Armenian Relief Fund expects to engage the entire nation in the construction work. The organization will carry out fundraising activities among Diasporan Armenians as well.

“The 500 drams you will give to the construction can save the lives of these children,” says Helena Melkonyan, a senior representative of the Fund.