What is expected from Armenia (video)

Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan signed Eurasian Union creation agreement, which will be empowered from January 1, 2015. Armenia asked for term for accession until June 15.

In fact, Armenia didn’t become a founding member, as many people predicted. HHK party head Vahram Baghdasaryan hurries to calm down, there is no need for concern, Armenia is moving forward according to the timetable.

Politician Levon Shirinyan hasn’t even expected that Armenian can be among the founding countries of Eurasian Union.

At the same time, the politician notes that after the decision of joining the CC on September 3, Russia implements its responsibilities towards Armenia.

Mr. Shirinyan doesn’t exclude that there will be problems during the accession of the RA to the CC but Armenia will overcome them, “Russia will bring forward its culture, language, imperial tendencies,”- he says.

HHK deputy also doesn’t exclude possible danger, “There isn’t any process where there aren’t problems. Kazakhstan brings forward its problems. Of course, we aren’t a pleasant partner for them, but we will overcome it.”

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