“RA authorities won’t refuse the NKR” (video)

Today RA had only observer status in Astana. Today live at “A1+” “Ayb- Fe” hall said politician Stepan Grigoryan turning to Eurasian Supreme Economic council session , during which Serzh Sargsyan asked for term until June 15 for signing the documents.

Mr. Grigoryan noted that by this the RA can’t be a founding member, “This session showed once more, that no one waits there for us. The events have developed within the frames of the CC and the RA suddenly decided that it must join the union. Belarus and Kazakhstan weren’t ready for it. This union is not useful for us, as our interests don’t meet.”

What relates to the  position of Kazakhstan President on the NKR issue, so according to the politician, “Nazarbaev is against making Eurasian Economic Union political, but the attempt of Azerbaijan to discuss the NKR issue in the economic union, separate the RA from the NKR, was unacceptable. As a result we have serious problems, if we continue our steps of joining the union, the RF will do everything to please Azerbaijan.”

According to the politician, we shouldn’t have joined Eurasian Union, we must only cooperate, “The problems arose when we refused balanced, “and..and” policy. What relates to until June 15, until the term asked by Serzh Sargsyan, Kazakhstan won’t change its position during it and will act in a right way. Belarus will also continue being against. As a result I am sure, RA authorities won’t refuse the NKR.”