“May install also the monument of Yerevan prison head Mughdus” (video)

Which are the circumstances for the decision of Anastas Mikoyan’s monument installation?, whether the problem is Serzh Sargsyan’s decision to join the Customs Union? These questions were discussed by a number of political figures, historians and Mass media heads.

“Anastas Mikoyan’s monument must be installed to show the future generation how a man mustn’t be,”- said Yerevan city council “Barev Yerevan” party member Davit Sanasaryan. He also added, that the youth will damage the monument if it is installed.

Academician Vladimir Barkhudaryan doesn’t agree with him, “You are saying strict words, as any person, he also had mistakes, but when he went to the USA, all newspapers wrote that they expected seeing a Soviet leader, but great diplomat came. All murders mustn’t be connected with his name.”

Advocate Vardan Harutyunyan continued his words, “As dear Mr. Barkhudaryan noted, he saved the lives of Demirchyan, Saryan, Isahakyan, but with that principle we can install also the monument of Yerevan prison head Mughdus, he also treated well to many prisoners. He never regretted for his murders.”

“A1+” TV Director Mesrop Movsesyan thinks that today those, who install the monument, and Anastas Mikoyan do not differ from each other, “Two sides want to seem more Catholic, than the Pope. Mikoyan in his turn for his Pope Stalin, and today’s voters want to be more Catholic for the Pope Putin.” Mr. Movsesyan also added that these discussions and monument installation is for distracting from more serious and important problems.”

Discussions in details in the video