“Hranush Hakobyan’s suggestion is anti- constitutional” (video)

Diaspora Minister Hranush Hakobyan has lately applied to the RA Government with the issue to free a group of Diaspora Armenians, who got RA citizenship, from military service. Diaspora Armenian historian Gevorg Yazchyan considers this project anti- constitutional, “This is meanness toward Diaspora Armenians from the one side and toward the state on the other side.”

According to his words, male representatives must serve in the army, there must be no exceptions in the law, “It violates RA “Conscription” law and RA Constitution. Hranush Hakobyan has juridical education, doesn’t she know simple juridical laws? It violates Conscription law. If such exceptions continue, who will serve in the army?”

He noted that the army has number problem. “Armenia mustn’t be tourism destination or cemetery for Diaspora Armenians, they must get the right to live and die here.”

Monument specialist Samvel Karapetyan noted that every decision must first of all proceed from the interests of Armenia.