“Junior Eurovision” will be held on the island for the first time

This year “Junior Eurovision- 2014” international song contest will be held on November 15 in Malta. Contest was announced for choosing Armenian representative. Applications may be presented from June 1 to August 15 following these rules of participation.

• Teenagers from10-15, who are RA citizens or lived in Armenia at least for 2.5 years, can take part in the contest.

• Contest song must last 2:45-03:00 minutes.

• The song must be Armenian, use of foreign language is also permitted by 25% of words.

• The presented song must be new and not published until May 1, 2014.

• Children from 10-15 must have active participation in the song creation process, and even if they aren’t main performers, they must take part in the song performance as back-vocalists, dancers or musicians. From 2008 adults are allowed to help children in song preparation process, but only if all rights of the song belong to children.

• The number of participants must be no more than 6 on the stage.

• Recorded back- vocals are allowed in “Junior Eurovision- 2014”.

• It isn’t allowed to take part in the contest for the second time (except dancers and back- vocalists).

Participation package must include the recorded song (CD/ MP3, WAV), song words, performers’ passport copies, performers’ photos, song copyright document and contact information.

The package must be sent to [email protected] email or be presented to this address- RA, 0047 Yerevan, Nork- 47, G. Hovsepyan 26, Armenian Public TV.

This year is symbolic for the host country- Malta, as it is the jubilee of the declaration of independence, as well as membership in the European Union. First time in the history of “Junior Eurovision”, it will be held on the island.