The Ombudsman now doesn’t need money

People continue complaining of the judicial system. Today at the NA Ombudsmen Karen Andreasyan announced during the discussion of 2013 state budget execution.

According to him, it may seem strange, but especially Lori and Syunik regions apply to Ombudsman’s office, “I don’t know the reason, may be the reason is that we have offices in those regions, that’s why there is high rates of activeness.”

Ombudsman noted proudly, that on the contrary to the last year, grant rate was zero in 2014, “I thank the state for it, which didn’t let me collect money this year, as it also solves the problem of our independence. I wish I had ten times more budget and worked hundredfold more. Yes, I say, that we don’t have money problem now, though I have never been ashamed and said, that I had money problem. Now we only need some legislative powers increase.”