“Harsnakar” case isn’t fully revealed: Tigran Yegoryan (video)

Not only prisoners’ relatives are displeased with “Harsnakar” case trial, but also victim’s legal representative Tigran Yegoryan. He finds, that the happened, as a result of which military doctor Vahe Avetyan died because of beating and his four friends got different gravity bodily injuries, isn’t fully revealed, “In support of it, I must mention the process of investigation, which lasted about 2 months, strongly superficial and short, poor investigation.

The Court created the illusion, as if it objectively discusses aggrieved party petitions, remembers Tigran Yegoryan, but as a result it refused all important petitions. The Court also ignored the participation of “Harsnakar” restaurant complex owner Ruben Hayrapetyan in the case, particularly his evidence. “For example, the Court didn’t turn to the fact, that Ruben Hayrapetyan confirmed his evidence during the trial, that according to his information, Arthur Baloyan started the fight. Besides he said, that those people are defendants, who committed the crime by noting, that if he was there, they wouldn’t behave in such obscene way,”- tells victim’s legal representative.

Today Tigran Yegoryan is getting ready for Appeals Court proceedings, which will held on May 30. Appeals Court advocate applied to receive civil request satisfy, it means, compensation to the injured- killed and damaged military doctors. The advocate expects answers for many contradictions in the criminal case, which were left unanswered by the Court of First Instance.

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