Arabkir administrative area- in garbage

Arabkir administrative area Gyulbenkyan 39B residents are tired of living in garbage and stink. They are complaining that neighboring buildings’ residents also use their bin. The residents don’t remember when their waste management system has been reconstructed for the last time, “Soviet Union collapsed together with it, no one is interested,”- they say.

Though the garbage was removed before our visit, there were garbage remnants. By the way, every time after waste removal, rats get active, which are killed and left by scavenging implementers. The residents took photos of that scene, which were given to us. The residents demand district administration to reconstruct their bin and install bin for neighboring buildings.

Not only Gyulbenkyan Street has scavenging problem in Arabkir. Aram Khachatryan Street residents have to keep garbage in their houses. The residents confess that very often they don’t wait the district administration and get rid of the waste by themselves, maybe using Gyulbenkyan 39B bin.