International community is concerned about adversary’s behaviour

Armenia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Edward Nalbandian answered journalists’ questions at the Sardarapat Memorial on May 28.

Question: Is there any possibility that an agreement will be signed at the meeting of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council in Astana?

 Answer:  “If there was such a possibility we would announce in advance.”

Question: Do you mean to say that no document will be sign in Astana?

Answer:  We shall see

Question: What is official Yerevan’s position on the Ukrainian presidential elections?

Answer:  The Armenian president’s congratulatory message to Ukraine’s president-elect is the reply to your question.

Question: Does it mean that Armenia recognizes the results of the Ukrainian vote?

Answer:  If the Armenian president congratulated the president-elect, it means we recognize.

Question: Is there any news regarding the Karabakh peace process? What are the plans of the Co-chairing countries?

Answer:  The negotiations are following the schedule. The co-chairs will arrive in Azerbaijan in a few days because they visited Nagorno-Karabakh during their recent trip to the region and met with the leadership of Armenia and Karabakh. Azerbaijan’s leaders were not in the country.

Question: Aren’t you concerned about the fact that Azerbaijan is purchasing weapons and arming is troops?

Answer:   The international community and OSCE Minsk Group co-chair states are concerned as well. They constantly call for strengthening the ceasefire and withdrawing snipers as well as creation of mechanism to investigate ceasefire violations and boarder incidents.