Armenia must reclaim its position, says political analyst

Serzh Sargsyan officially invites Turkey’s President to Armenia on April 24, 2015, if the Turkish authorities are interested to know the truth.  Political analyst Edgar Vardanyan says with the step Serzh Sargsyan made it clear that official Yerevan wants to show the world that Armenia cannot undermine peace in the region or strain good relationship.

“Official Yerevan wants to accelerate the Armenian-Turkish reconciliation or lay foundations for new relations and show that Armenia has a constructive but Turkey a destructive attitude towards the bilateral ties,” he said.

Edgar Vardanyan believes that the international community will welcome Serzh Sargsyan’s move, as he welcomes any gesture of goodwill.

“I think that Turkey’s President could be invited on another occasion. Anyway, this is an opportunity for Armenia to reclaim its position,” he added.