Armenia marks First Republic Day

Armenia marks First Republic Day on Wednesday, May 28.

The First Republic of Armenia was proclaimed on May 28, 1918.

It was proclaimed at a crucial turning point thanks to the strong willpower of the Armenian nation. Armenia’s statehood was created right in the battle field at the expense of enormous casualties and losses in the battles of Sardarapat, Gharakilisa and Bash-Aparan and thanks to the efforts of Aram Manukyan, Garegin Nzdeh, Dro, Movses Silikyan, Tovmas Nazarbekyan, Daniel Bek-Pirumyan, Bek-Pirumyan and many others.

The government of the newly formed state was headed by Hovhannes Kajaznuni. However, the First Republic had a short life: in 1920, Dashnaks surrendered it to the Bolsheviks to prevent bloodshed.

Though the First Republic had a very short life – only 2.5 years – it was able to solve a number of national and democratic issues, expanded the territory of the country and held elections.