“Harsnakar case defendants know much more” (video)

“Harsnakar case” victim’s legal representative, advocate Tigran Egoryan assures that two year’s crime hasn’t been revealed, “Hasn’t been revealed connected with Ruben Hayrapetyan, the crime, the deed is qualified in a wrong way, it must be qualified as murder, under aggravating circumstances,”- today at “Ayb- Fe” hall noted the advocate.

According to him, culprits have been silent during the whole trial and brought some details only at the end.

“It shows that the culprits know much more and can make clarifications, but they are indifferent,”- says the advocate.

We remind that on June 17, 2012, military doctor Vahe Avetyan died because of beating in “Harsnakar” restaurant complex, as well as three medical doctors were beaten.