Naira Zohrabyan, “The four isn’t a Siamese twin” (video)

“The four in not a union of Siamese twins, every political power has its own political agenda,”- after the four’s session today announced Naira Zohrabyan answering the question, whether the four doesn’t limit its political powers to make separate political announcements.

According to Naira Zohrabyan, they speak jointly on the problems, around which there is consensus. “Now there is a dozen or more urgent issues, which must be solves as soon as possible and they will be presented to the Government as a demand,”- cleared Mrs. Zohrabyan. The latter informed that during the four’s next session they will have final formulations of united demands. The issue to perform united voting at budget execution was also discussed at the session, there is an agreement in the four to vote against the budget execution, “as the four has already voted against the last year’s budget.” United meeting date will also be cleared during the next session. By the way, Mrs. Zohrabyan also spoke about “Country of Law” integration in the four. “The four didn’t discuss such issue and there wasn’t such suggestion by “Country of Law” as I know.”