“Robert Kocharyan will return” (video)

“Ukrainians, who were struggling against oligarchy, got an oligarch, so still there is no other way in former soviet territory,”- turning to Ukraine presidential elections on Sunday, noted politician Levon Shirinyan.

Billionaire Peter Poroshenko won Ukrainian Presidential elections. Whether an oligarch will win at Armenian next presidential elections, to this question Mr. Shirinyan answered that Robert Kocharyan will return with his team.

“It’s true that it won’t be the oligarchy as in Ukraine, but it will be oligarchy, it is for sure, either the team will return or he.”

What relates to Ukraine, so according to the politician, the country will go to Europe, “Leaving Russian part independent of them, Russians will turn to nuclear war, but won’t let that part. Poroshenko will lead a balanced policy. Now how can they run policy with Russia without the support of Europe?”