BHK deputy is displeased with per diem savings

Why does NA staff do unnecessary savings on foreign business trips? Today expressed his concern BHK deputy Tigran Urikhanyan at state budget performance discussion.

He noted that there are often problems on that case, “For example, there were cases, that there were savings on one economy class ticket to the RF and per diem and a deputy had a problem.”

NA staff deputy head Erik Minasyan explained their savings in this way, “We look on which days trips are carried out and the per diem is calculated only for that day. If a flight is one day in advance, so we can’t calculate a per diem, in that case we can’t have savings.”

By the way, NA newly appointed staff head, Justice former Minister Hrayr Tovmasyan was also present at the discussion. Journalists weren’t able to speak to him, he left NA from the middle of the discussion.