How much Serzh Sargsyan spent in 2013 (video)

Serzh Sargsyan’s staff spent about 37 millions AMD in 2013, and 16 millions 337 thousand AMD intended from state budget was returned. Today announced staff head Vigen Stepanyan when presenting last year’s budget performance.

He presented a number of important events and activities. According to him, last year Serzh Sargsyan had 16 state, official, working visits, received English Prince Charles, heads of two states, Foreign Ministers of a number of countries, visited regions, made speeches. Serzh Sargsyan received 12 thousand application- letters, accepted suggestions of 6700 citizens. 789 pupils visited him in 2013. By the way, in 2013 Serzh Sargsyan managed to have 90 press conferences and more than 200 interviews.

Vigen Stepanyan considered that the number of people who got RA citizenship last year is a record- 21 thousand people. HHK deputy Levon Martirosayn was interested if all of them had dual citizenship, or if there were people, who refused their former citizenship and if Syrian Armenians were majority among them.

Mr. Sargsyan stressed that there were many applications from Syria and connected with dual citizenship, he said, “If a citizen applied for a citizenship, so he is a RA citizen in our perceptions. By the way, there are many countries, where dual citizenship is banned or not encouraged.”