Why did Tigran Karapetyan withdraw from mayoral race?

Why did Tigran Karapetyan, one of the candidates vying for the mayoral seat in Armenia’s Goris city, withdraw from the race?

Professor Yuri Safaryan, Head of Karapetyan’s election headquarters, has issued a release in response to press reports.

Safaryan says, unlike is main contender Vachagan Adunts, Tigran Karapetyan was a freelance candidate and no one could ‘break his will.’

“Karapetyan’s team was eager to make systemic changes in Goris without getting anyone’s go-ahead’ through a free and transparent mayoral election which was welcomed by the 80 percent of the local electorate, specifically the youth. The clan of the city was appalled by this idea. Tigran Karapetyan withdrew from the race for the sake of friendship, for the sake of the local youth and their welfare.

The race between Tigran Karapetyan and and Vachagan Adunts was a choice between new and old ideas, which was turned into a real show, perplexing the entire population of Goris. The local bdeshkhs (rulers big borderland provinces of historical Great Armenia) will further deepen the gap between the local authorities and citizens. I am convinced that the locals will have their say on the election day,” said Yuri Safaryan