Vahagn Khachatryan: No figures, no economics

There is no difference between the former and new governments; only the terms and phases have changed, says economist Vahagn Khachatryan.

“Everything else is the same – we have the same government with the same approaches,” the member of the Armenian National Congress (HAK) said when commenting on the program of the new government.

The economist says the only difference he noticed between the two programs is that ‘there are fewer figures in the new one.’

“However, the program does not answer the main political question – whether it can better the economic, social and political situation in the country or not,” he said.

Speaking about the lack of figures, Mr Khachatryan noted, “The authorities do not want to shoulder responsibility. To be more precise, they want to dodge responsibility when they quit power. They do not want to change their style while a number of important questions, including the unemployment and poverty rates, remain unanswered.”

Anyway, Mr Khachatryan declines to assess the new government’s program, considering HAK’s stance and his personal position. If there are no figures, we cannot speak of economics,” he said adding that the program will not give anything unless systemic changes are introduced in the country.