Armenia’s external debt stands at $3.9 billion

In 2013, the average inflation rate stood at 5.8 percent, while unemployment rate fell to 16.2 percent, declining by 1.1 percent, Deputy Minister of Finance Atom Janjughazyan said  in parliament on Monday.

In 2013, revenues amounted to 1 trillion 33 million drams, showing a 13.2 % increase in actual revenues. Grants have decreased by 6.8 percent, while expenses increased by 100.6 billion drams.

Funds allocated to subsidies amounted to 98 6%, which is 18.6 % more than that of the previous year. The overall deficit was 67 billion drams.

“One of the achievements of 2013 was that Armenia was able to redeem its $500-million debt to Russia,” Atom Janjughazyan said, adding that the country’s overall external debt mounts to $3.9 billion.