Closed Market employees are angry (video)

“Yerevan City”, former Closed Market employees consider bomb installation call in market area a conspiracy. They think that the call was intentional and put them into panic.

“It is terror against us, they don’t let people earn money, every time such things are organized so that we can’t work, I sell perishables, now they will be spoilt,”- said the saleswoman of fruits and vegetables.

Market employees say that they haven’t noticed anything suspicious in market area. In the morning, when they came to work, people from Police and MES came and announced that a bomb is installed and they must leave.

Saleswoman Anzhela came on the moment when market employees were being evacuated, “I saw that all were running out and I left in panic,”- she tells.

Sellers noted that they didn’t believe just from the beginning that a bomb had been installed in the market.