A threat to Zhirayr Sefilyan

Pre- parliament secretariat announcement on the threat to deport Zhirayr Sefilyan from Armenia

Recently RA Government adjunct national security service field officer has passed a threat through Pre- parliament representative officially directed to Zhirayr Sefilyan.

According to his words, Zhirayr Sefilyan sends azatamartiks for Kessab liberation to that country, and if such thing is repeated, he will be deported from Armenia.

By the way, field officer obviously notes, that the publicity of this threat won’t stop its implementation.

But this phenomenon has deep roots and reasons.

Pre- parliament will turn to them later if needed.

Anyway it is obvious that the reason of intention to deport Zhirayr Sefilyan from Armenia is not his supposed organizational intervention in Kessab liberation issue, but his activities directed to the regime resignation.

Pre- parliament secretariat officially announces that independent of everything, our nation will meet Genocide 100th year without regime- under the roof of the national state.

Countdown started. No more than 48 weeks is left to the regime.