About 25,000 leave school today: What did 12 years of schooling give them? (video)

About 25 000 pupils in Armenia are celebrating their last day in school on Friday and the start of a new phase of life. Many of them are excited about the upcoming entrance exams; they are confident of their abilities and believe that they have acquired the necessary knowledge during the 12 years of schooling.

Equally exited are their parents and teachers who believe that their children and pupils are leaving school with a great stock of knowledge. They do not agree that today’s school cannot be compared with the Soviet-era school.

Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan and Minister of Education and Science today visited Yerevan schools where they participated in the Last Bell festivities and danced waltz with schoolchildren.

Earlier this week, the police congratulated school-leavers on the occasion, at the same time warning parents and teachers to be more cautious. The police also urged parents not to give their vehicles to their children to prevent road accidents that happened on such days in the past.