Man accused of murdering soldier Lux Stepanyan stops hunger strike

David Khachatryan, the man accused of murdering his fellow soldier Lux Stepanyan, stopped his hunger strike on Thursday.

About 17 days ago, Khachatryan declared a hunger strike in prison by sewing his mouth shut.

Talking to Pastinfo news agency, Gor Ghlechyan, Head of the Penitentiary Department of the RA Ministry of Justice, said after stopping the hunger strike Khachatryan was immediately placed under the supervision of doctors.

On May 5, the prosecutor asked for 18–year imprisonment for David Khachatryan.

On March 15, at about 03:30 p.m., David Khachatryan, a soldier of one of the units of the city of Noyemberyan of the Tavush Region of Armenia, opened fire from a modernized Kalashnikov submachine gun.  Soldier Lux Stepanyan, was wounded in his head and died in place.