Yerevan Mayor congratulates school-leavers

Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan has issued an address to congratulate school-leavers on their graduation day.

“Dear school-leavers,

The last bell will be rung in many schools today announcing the end of your years at school. I am sure that throughout the day you will recollect different incidents that happened in the pure and warm environment connected with your favourite teachers and classmates and those memories will accompany you throughout your lives.

The last bell also marks a new beginning, new prospects and horizons, developing a high sense of responsibility that will be reflected in your choice of a future profession.

However, whatever profession you choose, always remember that you are the successors of your fathers and grandfathers and you should do all your best to continue their achievements.

I am sure that you will not only preserve the values that were passed to you thanks to your teachers and parents, but you will also enrich and add a new quality to them.

I do believe that with your creative powers and willpower to overcome any difficulty on your way, you will be able to develop our country and prosper our beloved capital. Always remember that  you owe to your teachers for your success and achievements.

On this particular day, I address a word of appreciation and gratitude to all the teachers for their commitment and patriotic activities.

I also congratulate your parents, and wish that their dreams and desires connected with you were fulfilled.

Dear school-leavers,

I wish you to enter the big life with a high sense of honour and dignity. Always feel proud that you are citizens of a free and independent Armenia and its beautiful capital,” reads the message.