A. Bakhshyan: A bunch of flowers is not a bribe

Yerevan City Council “Barev Yerevan” party member Anahit Bakhshyan assures, that preventive measures are obligatory on the Graduation day for preventing accidents. Today at “Ayb- Fe” hall said Mrs. Bakhshyan.

“Celebrating graduation day in schools has unique meaning either for parents or pupils. It is the day, when the pupil sums up what he has gathered during past years. Teachers must listen to the words of appraisal, appreciation and receive flowers from parents and pupils. This atmosphere must be so encouraging that nobody can think something bad.”

Mrs. Bakhshyan is against gathering money for graduation events.

“What a parent spends on his child, it is his concern. That is a holiday. But Ministry mustn’t say general word about expenses in schools for preventing them. It must be clearly said that money mustn’t be gathered for a director or vice director. Even a bunch of flowers is not allowed. A bunch of flowers isn’t a bribe,”- noted Anahit Bakhshyan.