Minister: “Those will work, who have desire” (video)

According to new Ecology Minister Aramayis Grigoryan, we have problems in the sphere connected with Sevan and landfills, which must be paid serious attention.

In the conversation with journalists the Minister noted, that he sees clear work and he wants to work. He met the representatives of social institution, meeting with scientists is intended.

“I have ways, by which I want to move forward, but I want the ways to be clear, in order to prevent mistakes,”- noted the Minister.

What relates to personnel changes in the Ministry, Aramayis Grigoryan cleared out, “I mentioned on the first day that people have desire to work and to have success in this sphere, we will work with such people, and those, who won’t work and accomplish tasks, of course they must yield their positions,”- summed up Ecology Minister Aramayis Grigoryan.