2 people injured near Vernisazh are still in the reanimation unit (video)

From what Mamikon Khojoyan died, who was a captive at Azerbaijani side, isn’t clear yet. Official information will be given on it. Today after Government session announced Health Minister Armen Muradyan.

Relatives and friends suspect that he was injected oil. According to the Ministers’ words, he was always under the control of doctors, “During recent three weeks doctors’ group, neurologist, surgeon and therapist visited him for three times. Every day a nurse visited him, there was a suggestion to take him to hospital, but the relatives refused. On May 20 there was a call that he died.”

We remind that Tavush region Verin Karmraghbyur village resident 77-year-old resident Mamikon Khojoyan was taken captive on January 28, when he accidently crossed Armenian-Azerbaijani border. And on March 4 Azerbaijani side returned him. Just from the border Mamikon Khojoyan was taken to Ijevan Medical center, and then- Yerevan.

Mamikon Khojoyan was tortured in Azerbaijan. He had many fractures, injuries, as well as numerous wounds and fractures.

Turning to health condition of 5 injured near Vernisazh on Saturday, the Minister noted, that three of them were taken to patient rooms and the two continue to remain in the reanimation unit.