Ambassador says Armenians should not judge Europe by Conchita Wurst’s performance (video)

Armenians cannot be considered a nation that bears European values. Eastern traditions today dominate in the post-Soviet Armenia; say those who do not connect Armenia’s future to Europe. French ambassador to the Republic of Armenia, Henri Reynaud, holds a different opinion.

The ambassador believes that Armenia will continue to cooperate with the European Union after its accession to the Customs Union.

During his stay in Armenia and everyday communication with its people, the ambassador felt ‘European spirit and breath’ in Armenia.

Traian Hristea, Head of EU Delegation to Armenia, also perceives European customs in Armenia.

Lithuanian Ambassador to Armenia Erikas Petrikas regrets to say that not all people in Armenia have correct information about European values. Then he began enumerating the things that the EU had done for the development of Lithuania. The ambassador is concerned that some media outlets in Armenia made judgments about European values based on Austria’s victory at the Eurovision Song Contest that prompted an outpouring of anti-gay anger from different circles of the public.

The ambassadors of the EU member states remind that Europe keeps its doors open before Armenia though the latter did not initial the Association Agreement.