Vardan Ayvazyan: Hovik Abrahamyan sold his business in 2995 (video)

Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan sold his business long ago, says Republican MP Vardan Ayvazyan.

“If I am not mistaken, it was in 2995, or in 97…,” he said.

“Is there anyone who doesn’t have a business?” Hamlet Harutyunyan, another Republican MP, said without hiding his surprise. He has known Hovik Abrahamyan for a long time. “Of course, he [Hovik Abrahamyan] has a business,” says the lawmaker.

Hamlet Harutyunyan says the prime minister today does not have time to do business, therefore he left it to his family members. The MP even envies them as they have made a great fortune and ‘deal with millions.’

“I wonder how they can manage their millions,” he said.

“Hovik Abrahamyan does not have a business,” says Aramayis Grigoryan, the newly appointed Minister of Nature Protection, who comes from Ararat, the birthplace of the prime minister.

Then what did the prime minister mean when he said that the new government will ensure a level playing for all businesses, including his own? In response, Aramayis Grigoryan said, “He wanted to say that equal footing will be provided for everyone, and those who work in the government should not be engaged in business,” said the minister.

“I meant my relatives when making that statement, I will be especially strict towards people close to me, my relatives, and make a business-friendly environment for everyone,” Hovik Abrahamyan said earlier on Wednesday.