Hrant Bagratyan is satisfied with government’s program (video)

If compared with the previous government’s program, I can say that the new government’s three-year plan of actions has a smell, opposition MP Hrant Bagratyan announced at the National Assembly on Wednesday.

“I did not see any substance in the programmes of the previous cabinet therefore we sharply criticized them. In the result, we lost six years. For the first time, the government proposes lifting VAT (value added tax) at cross-border checkpoints. The move will greatly contribute to the development of our economy,” said Hrant Bagratyan.

The member of the opposition Armenian National Congress (HAK) calls on the government to pay more attention to the agriculture and peasants. “I hope that by saying Homeland you do not understand Northern Avenue, but think about our villagers first.”

Hrant Bagratyan declined to comment on the fate of the mandatory funded pension reform, saying, “Someone seems to have thrown a stone into a pit and now we are all trying to get it out.”