Hovik Abrahamyan on the businesses of his relatives

Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan today replied to A1+’s observation about bringing his business to a competitive market.

“I do not have a business; I meant to say that I will be especially strict towards people close to me, my relatives, and make a business-friendly environment for everyone,” he said.

Earlier, Abrahamyan made a statement promising to ensure a level playing for all businesses, starting from his own.

Armenians, no matter from what country they are, should know that there are business opportunities in Armenia that they can use and everyone should know that in our country no one, I repeat, no one can misappropriate another person’s property or business through rough methods or the use of power levers,” he said Tuesday.

Hovik Abrahamyan also wished success to the four non-governing forces.

In reply to A1+’s question whether he would not like to see the opposition quartet disbanded, the prime minister said, “What for? Let them work…”