Ombudsman Karen Andreasyan lauds newly appointed RA Minister of Justice

The newly appointed RA Minister of Justice, Mr. Hovhannes Manukyan, on Mr. Karen Andreasyan’s, RA Human Rights Defender’s mediation ordered to undertake urgent measures to eliminate cases of keeping previous law enforcement officers in the same cell with other arrestees.

Former employee of the Ministry of Interior Affairs, National Security Service, and 1st Deputy to the Chief of the Bailiffs Service of the Judicial Department was kept in the same cell with other arrestees. Keeping former law enforcement officers separate from other arrestees, however, is a legislative requirement. The failure of preservation of the aforementioned requirement may result in the possible manifestations of violence and degrading treatments towards those arrestees. As a result of interference of the RA Human Rights Defender, the head of the Penitentiary Institutions Division was order unconditionally to preserve the requirements of the legislation and to exclude such cases.

The RA Ministry of Justice in the past was denying the cases of violation of the legislative requirements in regards to the former law enforcement officials, while the National Preventive Mechanism of the RA Human Rights Defender conducted a study and recorded the violations.

The Staff of the RA Human Rights Defender highly the willingness of the RA Ministry of Justice and is looking forward to effective cooperation, reports the Press Service of the RA Ombudsman.