Dashnaktsutyun calls on Yerevan Municipality to overturn decision of erecting statue to Anastas Mikoyan

Armenian Revolutionary Federation –Dashnaktsutyun has issued a statement condemning the Municipality’s decision to erect a statue to the Soviet-era statesman Anastas Mikoyan.

“On May 30, 2014, the Yerevan Municipality decided to place a monument to the Soviet-era statesman Anastas Mikoyan. The decision was taken without discussing the issue with the public and specialists of the sphere.

The erection of the monument to the politician who had an active role in the annihilation of thousands of people during the Stalinist regime and participated in the destruction of the Armenia First Republic is the desecration of the memory of the innocent victims.

Not only are statues works of art that develop aesthetic taste, but also national and moral values​​ which are of primary importance for the development and strengthening of statehood. The study shows that the placement of the monument will undermine the international reputation of our country, putting it among the countries that support totalitarian regimes and totalitarian leaders.

Dashnaktsutyun calls on the Municipality to overturn the decision and involve public in in its decision-making processes in the future,” reads the statement.