Adibekyan conducted surveys on Goris elections (video)

“Sociometer” free sociological Center in Goris conducted surveys and cleared out some information connected with mayor elections. Today on “A1+” “Ayb-Fe” live channel said “Sociometer” free sociological Center LLC director Aharon Adibekyan turning to Goris mayor elections.

We note, that according to our reliable information, yesterday at night from three candidates of mayor Tigran Karapetyan was called to Yerevan by Serzh Sargsyan’s and HHK supporters and was forced to leave the fight. As a result Tigran Karapetyan presented withdrawal application.

Can Tigran Karapetyan present withdrawal application based on Aharon Adibekyan’s polls, “We have done such polls in communities and we do it every year in order to know people’s intention. The polls are not against someone or for creating tension. As a result it turned out, that 75 percent of people are interested in elections and speaking about 70 percent of the youth is meaningless.”

Is there tension in Goris, Mr. Adibekyan answered, “There is serious social problem in Goris. Unemployment is 25 percents, there is no working factory, small organizations can’t give jobs to everyone. The voice of acting governor is more influential, and former governor Surik Khachatryan has positive rating.”

Even after the last incident Surik Khachatryan’s rating is positive, to this question he answered, “He has supporters, who say that whoever was in his place, he would do the same.”