After getting mandates, promises remain good wishes: CC President (video)

Many present legal acts don’t correspond to the country’s Mother law. Today announced CC President Gagik Harutyunyan during public discussion of constitutional reforms. Mr. Harutyunyan remembers that in 2005 in the constitution a provision was confirmed, according to which the NA must correspond all legal acts to the Constitution. Mr. Harutyunyan doesn’t see any project approach till today.

NA deputy Edmon Marukyan present at the discussion justifies, first, the legislative is a political body, besides, there isn’t working group in the 5th convocation of the NA, which can deal with legislative initiatives. At the same time he says that every deputy is free in his initiatives, “I can say from my experience, that I have done 5 initiatives. We will discuss this issue at state and legal committee. It is possible that such group is created in the NA.”

When a deputy wants mandate, he promises what he can imagine, says Gagik Harutyunyan, but when you compare his words and work, you see great difference, “We see absolute inconsistencies of program approaches. After getting mandates, promises remain good wishes,”- he says. Independent deputy again opposed, all working resources are centralized in the government. NA is very weak in human resources, “It is difficult to demand from the deputy such thing, when everyone has an assistant. From election to election we must understand that we want to have a deputy, who works for them, or deals with legislative initiatives.”

It is difficult to say if such committee will be created in the NA or not. CC President reminds once more, if there aren’t program solutions, legal state creation will not be realized.