Mayor candidate in Goris was forced to leave the fight

Before the elections of Goris mayor there is tension in the city. According to our reliable information, yesterday at night from three candidates of mayor Tigran Karapetyan was called to Yerevan by Serzh Sargsyan’s and HHK supporters and was forced to leave the fight.

“They say that they know that 70 percent of votes of the youth is yours, according to Aharon Adibekyan’s polls. We lost Kapan, Sisian and don’t want to lose Goris. You must reject.”

“A1+” tried to speak with Tigran Karapetyan, but it was informed from his election headquarters, that he was busy and couldn’t answer phone calls but didn’t reject that there is tense situation in Goris.

Shortly before it was informed from Central Election Committee that Tigran Karapetyan presented withdrawal application.

Goris mayor another candidate, HHK member Ara Budaghyan also presented withdrawal application. Ara Budaghyan is brother of Avetik Budaghyan, who was killed last year on June 1st in front of the house of Syunik former governor Surik Khachatryan.

Goris mayor elections will be held on June 8. Campaign will start tomorrow. At present there are 2 candidates for mayor- HHK member Vachagan Adunts and non-partisan Hrayr Yolyan.

As previously Syunik former governor Surik Khachatryan informed to “A1+”, HHK regional institution will support Vachagan Adunts’s candidacy.