New names of March first (video)

“In 2008 on March first there wasn’t clash between Police and peaceful protesters, but state grab by the authorities,”- announced advocate Arthur Sakunts today at the meeting with journalists.

According to the advocates’ words, all those oligarchs and officials, who supported the authorities in March first tragedy, still continue to be supported by the authorities, “Let’s remember the bloody incident beside Syunik former governor Surik Khachatryan’s house, after which the son and the security guard remained unpunished.”

He also reminded another tragedy happened in HHK member, former deputy Ruben Hayrapetyan’s “Harsnakar” restaurant complex.

According to Arthur Sakunts, the security guards of two HHK members had their active participation during March first, “If the National Security is able to secretly listen to and publish the phone conversations of oppositional figures, so it is also able to publish the phone conversations of the government representatives, particularly what Police representatives were ordered on March first.”