We don’t have magic stick, but we are ready to find solutions: Hovik Abrahamyan (video)

I have never been for punishment, I always try to support and cooperate. Today from the NA tribune announced Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan introducing new Government project.

He announced that they will help every citizen, in an open and public way, “If tax privileges or grants are needed for welfare, we will do. VAT will be gradually removed on the border, at present constitutional clarifications must be done. Strictness will be perceptible for everybody. Clear mechanisms will work for everybody.

But my listening to everybody doesn’t mean lack of private political line. We don’t have magic stick to increase expanses of specific field, but we are ready to discuss any meaningful suggestion. Of course there are projects, which are theoretically acceptable, but aren’t applicable in our country.”

He also turned to the mandatory funded pensions system, the events over which he called populist announcements, “We are ready to find ways, which will be beneficial for everybody. It should be mandatory, not imposed.”

According to Prime Minister, Government project’s supremacy will be RA citizen and the provision and increase of his security, and his welfare will be the objective of the executive, “We will do everything to fight against poverty and migration realizing that it can’t be abolished by one tool. We will do everything so that a citizen creates his future in the homeland by his creative work. I promise as well that nobody can owe other’s property or business. And taxes- GDP rates will increase, but not mechanically but consistent with reduction of the shadow.”

At the end of his speech Hovik Abrahamyan once more stressed the principals of their project, “Realistic, rigorous and listening, and it will be with political powers cooperation and monitoring.”