Incident at the beginning of Vardan Petrosyan’s trial: Pastinfo

Today at Kotayk region Court of General Jurisdiction Vardan Petrosyan’s trial continued.

The trial started with an incident. Judge Vaghinak Mkrtchyan applied a judicial sanction against Vardan Petrosyan’s lawyer Nikolay Baghdasaryan’s assistant – removing him from the courtroom.

The point is that the Court didn’t let him sit at the place provided to the sides, beside defendant and his defenders, and despite the judge’s warning, the assistant refused leaving that place and taking other place.

In response to his assistant’s sanction, Vardan Petrosyan’s lawyer Nikolay Baghdasaryan invoked those provisions of the law, where lawyer’s assistant’s position is equal to the position of lawyer.

“My assistant has right to be present at the trial, if his head- that is me, is present,”- said Nikolay Baghdasaryan by reminding that the Judge didn’t mention concrete period, when his assistant has right to return to the hall.

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