Ombudsman: Judicial Department illegally levies state duties from citizens

The Judicial Department in order to provide copies of some documents levies state duties from citizens, which is not envisaged by the law. According to the RA law “On State Duties”, state duties for providing copies of documents of court cases are levied exclusively for providing copies of judicial acts, documents attached to claims, as well as for providing computer carrier with the recording of the court session. Except the aforementioned cases, requesting payment of state duties for providing copies of any other documents directly violates the RA Legislation.

Many citizens have applied to the Ombudsman with the aforementioned issue. For example, a person was demanded to pay 48.200 AMD of state duty, while the state duty requested from a number of other people largely exceeded the mentioned sum. Thus, Mr. Karen Andreasyan, the RA Ombudsman, has made a Decision on the violation of human rights, where all the legal justifications are thoroughly presented.

The issue can be regulated as a result of the respective legislative change. Therefore, such changes are anticipated to be made, according to which levy of such state duty will be established by law. Moreover, it should be defined that the actual expenses of copying should exclusively be levied for provision of documents. We hope that the corresponding state bodies will undertake necessary measures within short periods to regulate the issue in a legal way. The Ombudsman expresses his willingness to cooperate for further regulation of the issue.

Before the corresponding legislative change, the Ombudsman urges to stop levying duties not envisaged by law, reports the Ombudsman’s Press Service.