Actor Sergey Danielyan says when he will commit suicide (video)

Talking to reporters on May 19, actor Sergey Danielyan revealed the ‘possible cause’ of his death. To a journalist’s question what he would do if he were given a prize by the president, the actor said he ‘would commit suicide.’

“It would mean that I was drunk and said something to flatter them [the authorities],” said Sergey Danielyan.

The actor says today the country is facing a number of serious problems that require an urgent solution, and it is not the right time to award prizes to artists. “By giving prizes and awards to artists authorities spoil them as most of our artists are against the authorities,” he said.

People’s Artist of Armenia Nikolay Tsaturyan disagreed with Sergey Danielyan, saying, “If someone is subservient to others he will remain subservient anyway. However, artists are unanimous that today prizes are handed out to everyone without considering their true merits.”