OEK still undecided (video)

The Rule of Law Party (OEK) will introduce ten bills in the near future, OEK Vice-Chairman Mher Shahgeldyan told reporters on Monday.

“The bills refer to the Turnover Tax, administrative violations, large and young families, etc” he said.

Mher Shahgeldyan says as usual his party is engaged in the protection of human rights, although it also focuses on the development of small and medium-sized businesses.

With regard to their cooperation with the opposition quartet, Mr Shahgeldyan said he sees no problem here. “The quartet is merely a format, a platform of discussions for parliamentary forces. It is not an organization to side with or withdraw. We are ready to cooperate with all parliamentary factions.”

The OEK Vice-Chairman also said his party has not discussed whether it will vote in favour or against the government program.