Ratification of Armenia-Turkey protocols is blocked (video)

Armenia-Turkey Protocols will not be ratified soon, says Turkologist Andranik Ispiryan.

“Both the domestic developments and the lingering settlement of the Artsakh conflict exclude the ratification of the documents in the near future. However, we shall occasionally hear official statements to ensure the formality of the process,” he said.

Speaking about the upcoming presidential election in Turkey, Mr Ispiryan said this year for the first time Turkish citizens will elect the head of the country. He believes that Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan will also run for presidency. “Erdogan made it clear that he was not going to become a formal president, besides he will stay with his party.”

The Turkologist says the names of presidential candidates are carefully kept confidential and if President Abdullah Gul does not nominate his candidacy, the prime minister’s chances will increase.