Opinion: Everyone is a diplomat in Armenia (video)

The statement of U.S. Co-chair of the OSCE Minsk Group James Warlick has nothing to do with the Armenian people, says Garnik Isagulyan, Chairman of the National Security Party. He says each country is concerned about its interests.

“The Karabakh conflict will be resolved only in case we surrender and give up the idea of struggling. Now we are going to be a soccer superpower,” said Azat Arshakyan, a former member of the Supreme Council. He added that besides Shavarsh Kocahryan, everyone in Armenia is a diplomat.

Speaking about the activity of the new government, Mr Arshakyan said the government should do everything possible to ensure the security of Armenia.

In his turn, Garnik Isagulyan expressed his astonishment over the meeting of the prime minister and entrepreneurs.

“An influential businessman announces that if everyone else acts within the law he will follow suit. He was to be sued just the moment he made the statement,” said Mr Isagulyan.

Speaking about Saturday’s shooting near Vernissage that left five citizens wounded, Mr Arshakyan said it was resulted by permissiveness. “Whoever is responsible for the shooting must be punished in all strictness of the law, irrespective of the fact who their patronages are,” he said.

Garnik Isagulyan added that people should join their efforts in the fight against such phenomena. “There are people who believe that they may commit a crime and walk away unpunished,” he concluded.