Armenian Government approvesits new program (video)

At today’s special sitting chaired by Armenian Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan, the government approved its new program.

Armen Gevorgyan, Minister of Territorial Administration and Vice Prime Minister, presented the key provisions of the document.

“The new program was elaborated based on the 2013 plan of actions, the RA National Security Strategy, the key provisions laid out in the pre-election platforms of the Armenian President and the Republican Party of Armenia, as well as other parliamentary parties,” he said.

“The Government declares that its priorities focus on the Armenian citizen, the main aim is to guarantee citizens’ freedoms, security and well-being. The government will see to it that Armenian citizens can create their future in their homeland with their creative work. Homeland to become a safe haven for each Armenian where they can demonstrate their abilities, knowledge and experience gained in different parts of the world.

The Government promises to ensure equal opportunities and a real competitive environment for everyone, including domestic and foreign investors.”

Armen Gevorgyan added that the document reflects the different ideas and approaches voiced at meetings between the prime minister and representatives of non-governmental organizations and associations.

“With the implementation of this program, the Armenian Government commits itself to ensuring progressive paces of economic growth between 2014 and 2017, an increase in minimal salaries by up to AMD 65,000 and a 10 percent poverty reduction,” the vice premier said.

The program will be submitted to the National Assembly in the fixed order.