Man responsible for Saturday’s shooting near Vernissage arrested

Police in Yerevan have identified of the man responsible for Saturday’s shooting in Vardanants Street in Yerevan, near Vernissage.

The joint intelligence and investigative operations undertaken by the Police Yerevan City Department and Kentron Division revealed that it was Gor Arakelyan (born in 1985), who shot and wounded five people in Vardanants Street in Yerevan on May 17.

On May 18, Gor Arakelyan turned himself in to police, surrendering his Makarov pistol.

Gor Arakelyan is arrested.

All the five people who suffered in the Saturday incident were rushed to hospital with gunshot wounds in the legs and underwent surgeries. The shooting reportedly took place over a parking space argument. Arakelyan, a son in law of Prosperous Armenia Party’s lawmaker Karo Karapetyan, got angry with a driver who did not yield him way and opened fire. The driver is among the wounded people.