Aram Satyan will do what Robert Amirkhanyan hasn’t done

Composers Union head Aram Satyan wants to do everything, which former head didn’t do.

“It is impossible to say things, which weren’t done, as, if it was done, it would be clear,”- said Mr. Satyan to “A1+”.

Composers Union head wants to make Armenian composers famous. According to his words, composers must be understood and appreciated. But today the concept composer isn’t well perceived.

“It is the category, who not only write good music, but also have much knowledge. They are able to understand citizens’ problems,”- he noted.

In the near future Composers Union head will have a big press conference. We remind that last year on October 27 Aram Satyan was elected Head of Composers Union.

Composers Union 22 years head Robert Amirkhanyan got fewer votes in the elections than Aram Satyan. Many union members accused Robert Amirkhanyan of making decisions alone and having no regard to their own opinion.