The four will held meeting

Today at HAK council meeting parliamentary four non-governmental powers’ regular session was held. The first question discussed was the formation of united position on Government project.

“We had a meaningful discussion, the positions of our four parties were very close to each other. We hope that on voting day we will have united position,”- after the session HAK party leader Levon Zurabyan said to journalists.

United political agenda formation and public events implementation issues were also discussed.

“List of demands, political agenda will be formed. During one week the four decided that people must take part in that political agenda, particularly to its affirmation. The four will held a meeting, which objective will be the implementation of this political agenda. The date of meeting is still discussed. It is a united position, and when it is cleared, we will inform,”- noted HAK party leader.

From HAK Levon Zurabyan, Aram Manukyan, from “Heritage”- party leader Rubik Hakobyan, secretary Tevan Poghosyan, from ARF party Armen Rustamyan, Aghvan Vardanyan, from BHK-Stepan Margaryan, Naira Zohrabyan and Vardan Oskanyan took part in the session.